Black bass: The summer heat has arrived and the summer bite is kicking in. Quick bites early in the morning on buzzbaits will be a prominent bite all summer. Once the topwater action slows a firetiger crankbait, chartreuse/ white spinnerbait, and a Texas rigged Power Worm make the rest of the day real simple. Shoreline structures like laydowns, stumps, rocks, boat docks, and reeds are the prime targets. Harmon, Bethy, Carolina, White Rock, and Caney are my favorites up North. Run the shorelines fishing the baits mentioned should put fish in your boat.

White bass: The whites will start stacking up on the mainlake this month and schooling. The 190 roadbed and flats, mainlake points, Pine Island, and many other mainlake humps will be productive all summer. Birds usually are dead givaways when they are working shad over white bass so watch for them. Cobra jigging spoons in white or chartreuse are the key bait for the deeper fish while Rattle Traps and topwaters will work on the schooling fish.

Crappie: Standing timber in fifteen to twenty foot of water along with brushpiles in the same depth will produce crappie all summer. Minnows and black/chartreuse jigs being the prime baits for the white perch.

Catfish: Early morning action is good this month along bulkheads and shallow timber. Trotlines along the river and creek channels have been producing well in the last few weeks and will probably get better with the warm temperatures of summer. Night crawlers, shad, shrimp, chicken liver, and prepared dough baits just about always work for catfish.

The lake level is around normal pool and right now. Mainlake water color up north is a little off color due to the rains but the creeks are holding clearer water. Fishing will continue to be good on Livingston through the summer so plan a trip here and enjoy it.

Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu

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