Making glow in the dark lures is easy, very fun and could be a
profitable hobby. It has long be known by anglers that a huge
attraction getter for fish it the use of light. Wether that be the
color of the lure or the spinner it has attached,light triggers a
reflex in the fish that makes them hit it. Often anglers are faced with
the task of over coming dark or murky, muddy water to catch the smart
little critters. One way many fisher men and women are turnig to over
come this issue is glow in the dark lures.

– Lake Havasu

I am not going
to go into great detail about what is glow in the dark powder and why
does it glow. You can visit to get the technicial
stuff. What I will discuss is how easy it is to make these.

in the dark paint and powder can be purchased from many retailers off
the net. You can buy the paint premade or make it yourself.

you are going to spray paint your lures such as plastic hard body
minnows or chubs. Mix one ounce of glow in the dark powder to three
ounces of your clear paint.Then spray with a air brush. Use the fine
mesh powder. Stir often and use the widest #5 air bursh needle you have
to help slow down the clotting. You will have to clean the air brush
good after each use. The green or blue glow powders work best here.
They are the brightest and longest glowing. Green around 13 hours and
Blue around 4 hours.

If you are going make plastic worms.
Use any soft worm plastic and mix the glow powder into it while it is
melted. Stir and pour. I suggest letting it cool slightly, not to much,
and stir just before pouring. The glow powder needs to be suspended in
the plastic. If you want to add color add it just before the powder. Go
light on the color so the glow comes through.

It takes UV
light to activate the powder. Sunlight being the best. You ask?? What
if the sun is not out, will my lures glow. Yes! they will. If it is
overcast UV light is shinning down it will take a little longer for the
powder in or on the lure to activate, but it will glow. Some people who
ice fish use a small hand held black light. Cheap to buy and works

Other fishing items this stuff is good for is to
paint the tip of your fishing rod for night catfishing. Also floats or
bobbers are made to glow by painting them. hopes these ideas help in your quest to land the big one. Just maybe glow in the dark paint or powder will help.

Myers operates GloNation supplies fishermen, crafters
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– Lake Havasu

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