Serving Our Country – Lake Havasu


I was compelled to write this since I have been somewhat mellow dramatic these days. Guess it is my mid-life crisis. My circle of friends here currently look at their future somewhat gloomy and bleak. Most don’t really want to be here. Going back state side only buys some time before we are on onto another deployment elsewhere.

Seems we are loosing our motive and reason for so many amongst us loosing their lives and loved ones. Divorces are at an all time high and job satisfaction and motivation on the down. I have dealt with just about every type of emotional breakdown with my brothers in arms. I have had a back surgery and deal with chronic lower back pain but have never let it nor used it as an excuse to keep me from serving and living life to my expectations with determination though it is difficult at times when I can’t run, exercise, and be as active as I used to and would like.

Personally, I wonder at times what I am doing. Will it someday be my turn to break down physically and/or emotionally?

I’m missing out on my family, and life’s joys, while enduring loneliness and hardships. I have to say, it has been one of my greatest challenges in having to adjust and deal with daily. I have had 6 epidurals, many local pain shots, and just about every type of pain killer on the market.

Maybe I should tuck my tail; just get out of the military since I can’t perform at my full potential and ever keeping myself down, but I’m not for we still stand for are the closest to justice for all.

It is only with fishing that I share my troubles with: me, the outdoors, the water, and the fish or not on the line. I wish so many places wouldn’t be getting so polluted and trashy by all folks and walks of life. I am thankful for conservation, in particular the catch and release programs in support of keeping the sport alive. After having gone through all the expenses, trouble, hardships; making the catch only to be released. Seeing something beautiful gracefully go back to it’s environment in hope that it will flourish and prosper in life.

I look at fishing as my best therapy and medication. I look forward to it so much along with spending time and sharing life with loved ones. Me and my daughter Amanda sitting by the bank or on a rock. With hope that the fish are biting once I get back to the country I love.

Sincerely, a United States of America service member. – Lake Havasu

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