If you are not currently a member of Texas Black Bass Unlimited (TBBU) you sure need to be. TBBU is an organization that works for fisherman and is operated by fishermen. It’s a hard working group of folks that certainly look out for your best interests when it comes to issues involving the outdoors. And in the past year TBBU’s hard work allowed the organization to donate $100,000 toward the completion of the Texas Freshwater Fishing Center in Athens, Texas.

During 1996 TBBU will continue an aggressive campaign involving habitat improvement in lakes across our state. You and future Texas anglers will be the big winners of this fine program by having the opportunity to catch more and bigger bass.

And don’t think that the younger anglers are not a major concern of TBBU. Youngsters across the state are being introduced to TBBU youth programs that teach the fun of outdoors, fishing, and the importance of conservation. The anti-hunting and fishing movement continues to target the sports that we love so dearly. Pro-sporting organizations such as TBBU are essential in assuring that our future generations hear the real message.

TBBU is an organization that will keep you informed and one that you will be proud to associated with. I encourage each of you to take an active part in assuring that your kids, (and their kids), have an opportunity to enjoy the sport tomorrow that you enjoy so much today. Join TBBU and make a difference. – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu

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