Lake Havasu City is home to more lighthouses than any other city in the U.S. These 1/3 scale replicas are actual functioning navigational aids built to the specifications of famous United States lighthouses. Two of the 25 lighthouses reside on the Nautical grounds. The lighthouses on the west side of Lake Havasu are replicas of West Coast lighthouses and the east side consists of East Coast replicas. The lighthouses around the island are all replicas of lighthouses from the Great Lakes. Whether you choose to walk to or boat up to the lighthouses around Lake Havasu, you’re in for a treat.

Each of Lake Havasu’s lighthouses is a 1/3 scale replica of a famous American lighthouses, and is not a true lighthouse but instead a navigation light. At present, there are over 20 lighthouses providing navigation to Lake Havasu boaters, with no less than a dozen more planned for the future. In 2002, after the success of the Lake Havasu Lighthouse was demonstrated, the first replica lighthouse, West Quoddy, was erected. Lake Havasu’s largest lighthouse replica, North Carolina’s 209-foot Cape Hatteras, stands at 30 feet tall. Seven of our lighthouses stand on the channel that accommodates London Bridge: Cape Hatteras, Currituck Beach, West Quoddy, Robert H. Manning, Split Rock, and Buffalo Main.

The lights on Lake Havasu – red and green – are for navigation. They are the Coast Guard designated colors, and have a three and a half nautical mile range.

The flashing amber lights are a sign of a safe harbor, where a boater can find refuge or help. Those lights have a range of about 10 to 15 miles.

All the lighthouses are about 17 to 22 feet tall, but one is 30 feet tall. It’s modeled after Cape Hatteras, which is located in North Carolina and is the largest lighthouse in the U.S.

This lighthouse is the Currituck Lighthouse, Currituck Beach, North Carolina. This is one the lighthouses on the outer banks, and this lighthouse was built in the 1700’s.

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