Imagine being out at night on the shores of Cattail Cove State Park. Everything is calm and peaceful, and then, in an instant, the quiet night turns chaotic.

Our friend Jimmy had that experience on Thursday, Oct. 19 when he hooked a channel catfish in Lake Havasu. He didn’t know it right away since the battle lasted more than 45 minutes, but Jimmy had hooked a whopper!

Unofficially, the fish weighed 68 pounds and measured five and a half feet. Plus, it was a fighter, making several runs of at least 300 feet. Fortunately, Jimmy had some friends nearby to help haul the prized catch out of the water.

As a person who has been visiting Cattail Cove for 40-plus years, he thought he had seen it all. He’s happy to say that Cattail Cove provides new adventures every time he visits! And when someone asks, “How’s the fishing?” we have quite a story to tell!

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