Boat Show Basics – Lake Havasu

The January Boat Show is one of the biggest sport shows of the year. Just about every boat manufacturer is represented by a Houston dealer at the show. Also fishing guides from all over the world will be on hand with information on guided fishing and hunting trips. There is also a wide array of fishing tackle on display and some even for sale.

The boats are typically the main attraction at this show with hundreds and hundreds on display from canoes to bass boats to yachts. This is the perfect opportunity for new boat buyers to compare different manufacturer products under one roof.

When shopping the show for a new rig there is one major tip that I can pass on to you that will improve your search for the perfect boat. Whatever type of boat that you are looking for be sure to look at all of the manufacturers that make the type boat that you want. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of boat buying is the service department of the dealer that you are buying from. This is as important as the boat that you are buying because no matter what boat that you buy it will eventually have to be serviced, I promise. Make sure that the dealer has a good service department! I can’t stress this enough. Talk to someone who has purchased a boat from the dealer and ask them what they think of the dealership and especially the service department.

Some of the dealers offer demo rides with no obligation to buy. If I was about to make a major investment in a boat I would not even consider buying without a demo. Would you buy a new car without a test drive? Of course not.

Family Boating Center and Tracker Marine have sponsored me for the last two years. They are the home of “Drive it before you buy it”. They have a well trained service crew and a knowledgeable staff who will all be on hand at the show to answer questions. Family Boating Center is an authorized Tracker dealer and will have a wide variety of Tracker aluminum boats at the show. The new Savage 884 and 896 will both be on display at the show. Also, a fleet of Tracker pontoon boats will be on display.

Make sure and stop by the Family Boating Center display when visiting the show this year. – Lake Havasu

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