Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted September 5, 2006
by Guide James Caldemeyer

Well folks! This is the month that has been
greatly anticipated by many. September is here and
with it brings the cooler temperatures, big
tournaments and some great fishing!
– Lake Havasu

We have had a few good showers at the lake lately
but not enough to bring the it up any. Water levels
are still low about 4 1/2 ft and water clarity is
clear in the main lake over to the east arm but the
west arm has been slightly stained in certain areas.
Temps are ranging from 83-88 degrees and you can
expect them to drop as the month progresses.
The front that just passed through brought with it
the north winds (east today) this week but it hasn’t
seemed to bother the bite. I was out with Chris and
Sandy from Michigan today. Chris is a small-mouth
guide and an excellent fisherman. He got his first
taste of Lake Fork largemouth when he caught one about
7lbs bright and early. The rest of the trip we caught
numbers of schooling fish and had a great time—The
fish are still in relatively the same areas. They have
just repositioned themselves to focus on the schools
of shad. There are a lot of fish already chasing bait
fish right now and the schooling activity will
increase as the water cools. If you locate schooling
fish, be sure to first determine which direction the
shad are moving and how the fish are relating to the
bait fish. In most cases, the bass will be down wind
so getting in front of them as you make casts into the
wind. This is key! To catch these “bait chasers” I am
throwing DD 22’s in shad patterns, big spoons, swim
baits and an occasional top water. If the fish aren’t
suspended, you can also catch a number of fish on a
Carolina rig. I am using a 1 oz Tru Tungsten
weight with a 4 ft leader and a 3/0 hook tipped with a
Chart. Pepper Grande Bass Twig or a green pumpkin
Mutant. If you have not tried these baits yet, the Mc
Donald’s Tourney will be a good time to do so! These
baits will catch those “over” fish that everyone is
searching for!! If you have trouble
finding them in your area, don’t be discouraged. An
ample amount of them will be available at Lake Fork
Marina when you get here.
The shallow bite has really gotten good this past
week also. Anywhere you find grass or pads adjacent to
deep water, the bass will be also. A wacky rigged
Grande Bass Squirm Worm in junebug or watermelon
colors, with a nail in the head of it, on a 1/0 hook
will smokem’. Main lake points have been best for me
but there are also a number of fish moving up in the
creeks. Flipping a 1/2 oz , black & blue or black
brown & amber jig with matching trailer will catch
some hawgs on the creek edges, especially later on
this month.
September is an awesome month for fishing here at
Lake Fork and many fish will be caught and released by
the many anglers that fish these tournaments. If you
are fishing one of the tournaments, remember to handle
your fish with care.Wetting your hands before handling
them will prevent the harming of the fish’s protective
slime coat. This will ensure that these fish are here
for years to come. I am looking forward to everyone
coming out for another great month on Lake Fork. If
you would like to book a trip with me to go out and
pre-fish for one of the tournaments, I still have a
few open days. Or, if you would like to plan a trip
after the September water settles, feel free to email
me at or call me anytime
at (903)736-9888. httP://
Until next time,tight lines and God Bless…
Matthew 9:23–“Everything is possible for him who

– Lake Havasu

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