Current Water Conditions: As of January 20 the lake is in great shape in comparison to this time last year. The water is up around normal pool which is what we desperately needed for the spawns this spring. Upper lake is a little off color due to the rainfall that we have had but as always there are clear pockets to be found holding fish. Water temp is varying around 60 degrees and if this continues or perhaps the water gets even warmer this month could be incredible.

Black Bass: 1/4 to 3/8 oz Stanley Rattling Jigs in black with a black no. 11 pork frog is going to be hard to beat this month. A Texas rigged black/chartreuse tail lizard is another top choice. Fish timber and rocks in five feet of water or less and try to find water that has a greenish tint.

White Bass: The conditions are currently perfect for the white bass run. If conditions stay the same as far as rainfall goes this could be the best run in about four years. Two years ago we had too much rain and last year we did not have enough. White bass like a little flow over the shoals before they will spawn in full force, lets hope the conditions are good this year. Livingston is a premiere white bass fishery and this could be a colossal year for the lake with the current conditions. Roadrunner jigs in white and chartreuse are the ticket this month up the creeks. Carolina, Bethy, Harmon, Nelson, and Bedias are all hot spots this month.

Catfish: Shad, nightcrawlers, dough bait, and chicken liver are working will for catfish. Fish the banks after the rains and the river and creek channels other times.

Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu

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